"Moderna" Zine Shirt

Contrast High 'ZINE Long sleeve T-shirt'

These exceptionally rare T-shirts are being released as part of a limited collection that celebrates our brand and it’s alignment with the “zine” aesthetic”. This 4 piece collection is part of a wider future series and ongoing”wearable art” purpose. Each one has been hand - created in Miami, Fl by Contrast High. All shirts are one size. With each shirt purchase, you will receive an accompanying Contrast High zine. 

The zine made up of word art, photos and illustrations capturing the Contrast High brand and messaging -  is inspired by the concept “we were born for such a time as this.” This small capsule is timely as it reflects the moment and sentiment of embracing the present; we are here now, so let's make the most of it. Be grateful and humbled by the rare chance to have been born for such a time as this...

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